A healthy mobile. Everyday.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for Android devices of all shapes and sizes

Hero Phones

Clean Droid

A Brand-New Phone in a Single Tap

All the optimization features you’ll ever need, in a single app. Clear up space, empty your cache, uninstall old app data, boost RAM, and much more. Learn More

Clean Droid

Speed Booster

A Serious Performance Upgrade

One tap to unlock wasted CPU and RAM – you won’t believe what your phone is capable of. Proactive suggestions, powerful task management, and much more come together to create a Speed Booster that leaves others in the dust. Learn More

Battery Saver

Every Minute Matters

Our powerful battery-saver is constantly on the lookout to squash battery-draining apps and processes. Optional settings allow you to adjust the process, or you can just sit back and let Bataria do the work – it’s got your back. Learn More

Battery Saver

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