Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Droid is an Android app provided by Mobile Health Club to ensure your device’s performance is running as fast and as smoothly as possible. Clean Droid allows you to clean your device’s memory, storage cache & junk files with just one tap, improving your devices performance and making it faster than ever.

Clean Droid  can do everything in just one tap – you click, we do! In one tap you can:

  1. Clean unnecessary junk files from your device’s memory and storage (don’t worry will not delete any of your personal files)
  2. Use the deep clean option will allow us to improve your device even further by stopping background processes from open apps that are slowing down your device.
  3. Use the Droid Monitor to see the percentage of usage per app, and manually choose if to close its background process.

Clean Droid supports the following languages:

ThaiCzechSimplified Chinese

Clean Droid puts your privacy first. Clean Droid ensures your device’s performance is running as fast and as smoothly as possible. As part of this process we receive anonymous information about your mobile data and app usage. We do not share any personal data with third parties or any of our partners. We also don’t license or share any of your data for marketing purposes or to target you with ads. You can read more about this on our Privacy Policy.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve already built, and would love to hear your feedback at

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