Frequently Asked Questions

Bataria is an Android app provided by Mobile Health Club to ensure your device’s battery performance is running as fast and as smoothly as possible. Bataria allows you to define your own Auto Power Saving when your device’s battery reaches a certain percentage. Bataria will intelligently adapt some of your device functionality so you can keep enjoy your device running until you can charge it again.

Bataria can do everything in just one tap – you set, we do! In one tap you can:

        1. Control your device’s performance when its battery level reaches a certain percentage.
        2. Adjust some settings such as WiFi, bluetooth and brightness to make sure your device saves power while low on battery.
        3. Clean background processes running on your device.
        4. Allow you to see which process and apps are running in the background based on your last usage of them.

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To create your own profile enter the app and click on Profile Settings from the main screen, here you will find a list of action sets which will turn off automatically once your battery level reaches the percentage you set (you will be notified once this starts). This will help to save energy yet allow you to keep using your device until you can charge it. These settings were selected by our team and proved to increase your device’s battery. The more options you select the better your device performance will be in low battery level.

  • Turn Off Wifi
  • Turn Off Bluetooth
  • Turn Off Auto -Sync
  • Screen Brightness – choose the level of your screen’s brightness so that your battery will last longer. Use the bar to actually see the level of brightness before setting it.
  • Screen Timeout – set a ‘timeout’ for your screen to switch off allowing you to save battery. Easily choose between four options.
  • Animation
  • Turn off Auto-Rotate screen
  • Turn off Haptic Feedback

Set a battery level which will turn the profile on:

After you set the profile, you can choose at what point your profile switches on, depending on battery level percentage. Please note that the default option is 20% and will activate only if you choose to turn ON the Auto Power Saving mode option. To select your own percentage, select it using the bar and choose the option ‘ON’ next to “Start power saving mode when battery level is..”.

That’s it! When your battery reaches your set percentage, we will automatically turn on this profile.

Further to the notification you will receive once the profile you set is turned on, we can even change your device’s navbar color to any color you choose until you can connect to a charger.A nice and colorful way to remind you that you need to charge the device 🙂

Please choose the option ‘Auto Power Saving’ from the main page and under ‘Select a Color’, choose any color and shade. Once your battery reaches the level you set, the navbar on your device will change to the chosen color until you charge your device.

You can easily open the app and use the quick actions bar to select ON/OFF for any of the options. This will not change the profile you set so next time when it needs to be turned on automatically, the previous settings will still be there.

Yes, Instead of choosing the profile activation based on the percentage level of battery – you can set a schedule. For example, if you are in a meeting, you can use this time to save some battery power.

To enable this option please choose the option ‘Schedule Power Saving’ from the main page, set the time and tap‘ON’ next to “Schedule Power Saving”

Yes, simply go to the app’s main page and tap ‘Power Saving’ – the profile will then be switched ON until you decide to switch it back OFF

The task manager feature enables you to manually close apps that are running processes in the background. To avoid closing processes for apps you want to keep open and running, simply tap the locker icon next to it before you select the “Kill selected” option.

The Droid Monitor is a new feature which helps you save battery – by monitoring apps that may be draining your battery and altering device performance. Here you can see the the list of the apps used in the last 24 hours, in order by percentage of use. We recommend closing the ones with the highest usage so your device speed improves.

Bataria supports the following languages:

ThaiCzechSimplified Chinese

Bataria puts your privacy first. ensure your device’s battery performance is running as fast and as smoothly as possible. As part of this process we receive anonymous information about your mobile data and app usage. We do not share any personal data with third parties or any of our partners. We also don’t license or share any of your data for marketing purposes or to target you with ads. You can read more about this on our Privacy Policy.

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