Frequently Asked Questions

Speed Booster is an Android app provided by Mobile Health Club to ensure your device is running as fast and as smoothly as possible. Speed Booster checks your device’s capabilities and removes unnecessary junk and cache files, freeing up storage space and making sure your phone functions to its highest potential.

Speed Booster can do everything in just one tap – you click, we do! In one tap you can:

  • CPU Speed Boost
  • RAM Boost / Clean Memory
  • Clean Cache
  • Enable Background Task Manager
  • Free Up Memory and Storage Space
  • Boost Your Battery

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To boost the device all you need to do is to simply open the app and tap on the main button and let Speed Booster do the rest! Want even more of a boost? Fire the fuel and after the first boost (if you didn’t enable the permission during the onboarding), enable the permission and allow Speed Booster to close background processes running by apps you have installed on your device, this will then be done automatically from the next boost.. Need even more? Use the Droid Monitor feature to see your app usage in the last 24 hours and close apps you are not using.

Auto Boost –  Use the Auto Boost option in settings to choose when Speed Booster should alert you that it’s time to boost your device. In the Auto Boost section, you will find the following settings:

  • Auto Boost Timing
  • High Ram usage
  • Device Idle
  • Smart Boost
  • Intelligence Boost: Enable Power Booster & Boost Based on Usage.


Notifications – Use this option so that the app will show you the results of your boost.

Languages – Change the app’s language to suit you. There are 19 available languages to choose from and if you can’t find the one you are looking for, feel free to contact us and our team will add it for you.

For sure! Speed Booster will remind you when it’s time to boost again via push notifications, but don’t worry, we promise we will only send the notifications when necessary.

No. Speed Booster scans the device, cleans junk files and free’s up your device storage, also closing background processes (if you enable the option). Our app is continuously tested on more than 100 devices to make sure it functions and performs well on all phones. Millions of users use the app everyday and have never had any problems with deleted data.

Speed Booster will close only background processes which can slow your device down and that are not in use. If you still want to keep some apps working in the background, please go to the Task Manager and select the lock option next to the app you would like to keep open. Select the other apps and tap ‘Kill selected’ in order to close them.

The Droid Monitor is Speed Booster’s newest feature! Droid Monitor helps you monitor your battery, check up on apps that may be draining your battery and improve your device’s performance. Here you can see the the list of the apps that have been running in the last 24 hours, in order to use. We recommend closing the apps with the highest percentage of usage, so your device speed improves.

The task manager feature enables you to manually close apps which are running processes in the background. To avoid closing processes for apps you want to keep open, simply choose the lock icon next to it before you select the “Kill selected” option.

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Speed Booster puts your privacy first. Speed Booster intelligently optimizes your device’s performance according to your unique habits. As part of this process we receive anonymous information about your mobile data and app usage. We do not share any personal data with third parties or any of our partners. We also don’t license or share any of your data for marketing purposes or to target you with ads. You can read more about this on our Privacy Policy.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve already built, and would love to hear your feedback at

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